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Name:Katrina Crane
Location:Sleepy Hollow, (Error in Linkification)
Katrina Crane, née Van Tassel, is the wife of Ichabod Crane, who has been transported forwards from America's Revolutionary War by her magic, bound to the Headless Horseman of Death, awaking from death when the Horseman did as well.

Katrina is a healer and a witch and a member of the 'white magic' coven of Sleepy Hollow (there is a 'black magic' one as well we haven't seen much of yet); she is a Quaker by religious affiliation, and an Abolitionist by conviction. It was by her influence that Ichabod Crane, formerly a British officer, defected and came over to the side of the American Revolution.

At this moment in canon, Katrina is trapped in a intermediate dimension by the demon Molock who controls the Horseman as well; from there, she can contact Ichabod in visions, through mirrors, and in other magical manners to contribute historical, supernatural background to whatever Ichabod and his modern-time partner Abbie Mills are investigating. It's not clear whether Katrina is actually dead or alive, whether freeing her from the grip of the demon would bring her into the present time, or merely free her soul for Heaven -- hence the user name, via a tweet by Cleolinda. As of the 9th episode, 'Sanctuary', it has been revealed that Katrina has given birth to a son, presumably after Ichabod's death. It can be assumed that the couple has descendants living today.[[Whitetext of extreme spoilerishness!]]

The gimmick about the 'Sleepy Hollow' TV series (beside the fish-out-of-temporal-water trope for Ichabod) is crossing the founding myths of the US with supernatural interpretations: Ichabod used to be a specialist in fighting the demonic allies of the Redcoats, witches are real witches, the Roanoke colony pulled a Brigadoon, the Freemasons are actually a secret society of totally badass demon hunters, the enemies of the (philosophical and political) enlightenment employ black magic to keep people in the 'dark ages', and the proponents of slavery are metaphysically evil, allying themselves with demons to combat Abolitionists. This aspect gives an unexpected twist of freshness to the historical background of American history, which is all-too well-known to its usual audience.

Katrina Crane is from television series Sleepy Hollow, and is the property of FOX TV. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The mun behind the curtain is [personal profile] yakalskovich.

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